Voters’ Awareness Campaign organized at Aryans Campus

Students of Aryans Institute of Nursing and Skill development courses of Aryans Group of Colleges, Rajpura, Near Chandigarh today organized a voters’ awareness campaign at its campus. The campaign emphasized the importance of voting.

Students participated in various activities including slogan writing, placards & posters making, Face painting etc to spread the awareness. The students commented that it is necessary to make the electorates aware of their voting rights; something that is of immense significance in ‘strengthening democracy and building a healthier nation’.

Students also joined other groups, urging people not to waste their votes and telling how the public play an important role in elections. Students displayed placards with motivational statements to ensure 100% polling.

Messages such as ‘Your vote is your right, your voice!’ and ‘Don’t be a quitter, be a voter’ was displayed on the placards that the students held during the campaign

It is to be mentioned that the buzz around elections is in full swing in the city as the state goes to poll on May 19, Sunday.

Media Coordinator