Students of Aryans Institute of Nursing visits Old age home in Chandigarh

As a paragon of developing a humanistic society, GNM and ANM students of Aryans Institute of Nursing, Rajpura, Near Chandigarh visited an old age home- Kartar Aasra Trust at Chandigarh. Later the students also visited Verka Milk Plant in Industrial Area, Chandigarh.

Mr. Kartar of the old-age home welcomed the students and enlightened them about various problems being faced by the elderly because of the weakened socio-cultural fabric. They learned about geriatric age conditions, disease conditions etc of old age.

Mr Kartar spoke about the proliferation of issues pertaining to the age, which were often overlooked. The students pledged to work for educating society about the problems and needs of senior citizens.

In Verka milk plant students learned about ice stock and the process of making ice creams. Mr. Rohit, Verka Plant guided the students about manufacturing process and methods being adopted in the plant for better yield.

Media Coordinator