Seminar on “How Not To Commit Suicide” Held at Aryans Campus

Mohali 4th October

To connect students with spirituality, positivity, and Metaphysics, Aryans College of Engineering, Chandigarh organized a seminar on “How not to commit suicide” at its campus. Mr. Deepak Behl, Renowned motivator, and psychologist was the keynote speaker on the occasion.

Seminar on “How not to commit suicide” held at Aryans CampusMr. Behl while interacting with the students discussed various aspects of life including Spirituality, ways of bringing self-change, how self-change acts as an invisible doctor. He suggested students to be friendly, be comfortable in expressing who they are and self-acceptance is the key to self-change.

While motivating students he said that Life is not only happiness, it does not consist of moments of ecstasy, it is a mix of ups and downs, fears and troubles. Life is making timely decisions, the outcomes of which are not in our hand. Such situations when an individual finds himself at crossroads tend to end his life considering a mere failure as end of road.

He further said that change is inevitable, keeping up with change helps in leading a balanced life. He discussed spirituality and ways of tackling depression. A mere failure or trouble is not the end of the world. This world is an endless possibility and suicide is not the only answer.

Prof. B.S Sidhu, Registrar, Aryans Group of Colleges while thanking Behl said that the lecture would definitely be of great help for students in acknowledging the importance of life and connecting the students with spirituality, tackling problems and understanding the fact that suicide is never a solution.

Media Coordinator