Dr.Kiran Bedi Addressed Aryans Group of Colleges Seminar

Dr.Kiran Bedi visited Chandigarh today to interact with the students of Aryans Group of Colleges (AGC), Chandigarh. She was the Chief Guest in a seminar on “In Search of Civility: Broom & Groom India”. Mr.Pavan Choudary, Author, TV Host, Management Guru and CEO & MD, Vygon was the Guest of Honor. Dr.Anshu Kataria, Chairman, Aryans Group presided over the event. A huge rush of Dr.Bedi’s fans was noticed on the occasion to meet her. This was the third event of Aryans which was attended by Dr.Bedi. A book named “Broom & Groom” was also launched on the occasion.

While addressing the audience, Dr. Kiran Bedi said that need of the hour is Civility & Courtesy. People should be more civilized now. Through slide show, Dr. Bedi & Pavan Choudhary explained various illustrations of uncivilized behavior which usually people do in their day to day lives like quarreling  in front of guests, ogling at co-passengers in the elevator etc.

During this interactive session, Dr. Bedi & Mr. Pavan shared their personal experiences also with the audience on the topic. Dr. Bedi said that this is the time to change ourselves. One should change himself first instead of waiting for others to change.

During this occasion, Dr. Anshu Kataria, Chairman, Aryans Group said that we are feeling privilege to have Dr. Kiran Bedi with us for the third time. He added that like last year, we will provide the scholarship to the needy students this time also and again students would be selected by Dr. Bedi and her team only.

It is to be mentioned that Aryans Group has signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Dr.Kiran Bedi’s Navjyoti India Foundation. As per the MoU, few deserving students from all the courses were selected by Dr.Kiran Bedi and her Navjyoti team. The selected students were paid for education by the Aryans group.

The Initiative of Aryans group to Broom & Groom the most civilized city, Chandigarh is remarkable step towards the development of new era. It is not only the authors dream but also their mission to create an empathetic society that builds a well-groomed nation which proudly stands shoulder to shoulder with the rest of the world. Through Broom & Groom, Dr.Kiran Bedi, and Sh.Pavan Choudary has made their move and now await people’s action.

On the occasion, the Aryans students who were selected by Dr. Bedi presented greetings to her made by them and also paid their gratitude. A high level of enthusiasm could be seen among the students.

Dr.A.C.Vaid (S.D.College), Anu Anand, K.K.Soni (Indian Overseas Bank), Dalip Sharma(PHD Chamber), J.N.Vohra(CMA), Anup Bansal, Gurkirat Singh (Gulzar Group), Prof.D.C.Kataria, Dr.Parveen Kataria, Mrs.Rajni Kataria, Dr.D.P.Singh, Dr.K.K.Mangla, and Dr.A.S.Balgir were also present on the occasion.

Media Coordinator