Debate Competition Organized at Aryans Business School

A debate competition was organized in Aryans Business School (ABS) campus recently. Around 15 teams participated in the event. Each team comprised of two members who spoke in favour of and against the topic. Around 300 students of ABS, Aryans School of Management (ASM) and Aryans Institute of Management & Technology (AIMT) attended the competition.

news89The students debated on various topics including “Social Networking Communities”, “Online Marketing”, “Entrepreneurship”, “Celebrity Advertisement”, “T20 Cricket”, “Technology Displacement”, “Google Earth”, “Indian Brands vs. Global Brands”, “Ethical Advertising”, “Video Games”, “Child Labour” etc.

The teams which participated in the competition included “Phoenix”; “Sunstar”; “Blossom”; “Tigers”; “Tulips”; “Jasmine”; “Zenith”; “Jai ho”; “Rational”; “Shining”; “Stars”; “Zeenat”; “Youth Awake”; “Universal” etc.

While Jai ho team comprising of Aakash & Ghanshyam stood first, Shining Stars team & Sunstar team stood second & third respectively.

Anshu Kataria said that the institute promotes such kinds of events because it instills confidence and sense of responsibility among the students. He also praised the students for putting up such an informative and well organized show.

Media coordinator