An awareness seminar on Swine Flu organizes by Aryans Group

Aryans Institute of Nursing (AIN), Rajpura, Near Chandigarh organized an awareness seminar on Swine Flu at its Campus. Dr. Sarabjit Singh, MD Medicine, Simrita Nursing Home, Rajpura; Mrs. Vijay Luxmi, Nursing Tutor, Govt College, Patiala were the Guest speakers on the occasion. Students of GNM, ANM, B. Pharmacy, D. Pharmacy etc attended the seminar. The speakers discussed about the causes, symptoms, preventive measures and cures of Swine Flu.

Dr. Sarabjit Singh said that Swine flu is a highly contagious respiratory disease in pigs caused by one of several swine influenza A viruses which can be transmitted to humans via contact with infected pigs or environments contaminated with swine influenza viruses.

Dr. Singh further said that like Seasonal Flu, Swine Flu can vary in intensity from mild to severe. The Swine Flu can cause High Fever, Cough, Sore Throat, Body Aches, Chills, Fatigue,   Vomiting, and Diarrhea.

Mrs. Vijay Luxmi said that preventive measures including frequent washing of the hands, Use of Antibacterial gels to clean hands, Sneezing or coughing into a tissue, Avoiding being around people that are sick, , Eating a well balanced diet, exercise regularly, managing stress, drinking plenty of fluids, enough sleep etc be taken to reduce the risk.

Dr. Singh further said that treatment is largely supportive and consists of bed rest, increased fluid consumption, cough suppressants, and antipyretics and analgesics for fever. Patients should be encouraged to stay home if they become ill, to avoid close contact with people for at least 7 days after the start of illness and fever is gone and follow the prescriptions of the doctor.

On the occasion Prof. B.S Sidhu, Director, Aryans Group; Dr. Raman Rani Gupta, Principal, Aryans College of Education; Mr. Steven Jawinda, Registrar, Aryans Group; Dr. Sushil Kumar, Director, Aryans College of Engineering etc were also present.

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Seminar on Social Media and Judiciary organized by Aryans College of Law

Aryans College of Law, Rajpura, Near Chandigarh today organized a seminar on the Need for Balance on “Rising influence of Social Media vs Present Judicial System” at its Campus. Dr. Vijay Nagpal, Prof, Department of laws, Panjab University, Chandigarh was the Chief Guest while Dr. Bhupinder Singh Virk, Prof, Department of Laws, Punjabi University, Patiala was the Guest of Honour on the occasion. Dr. Anshu Kataria, Chairman, Aryans Group presided over the session. The seminar was attended by LL.B, BA-LL.B students.

Dr. Vijay Nagpal while speaking said that For the police, social media has given them unprecedented access to the public, and vice versa. Via Facebook and Twitter, police and the public can communicate in real time about incidents and events. This has proven invaluable not only during times of crisis but also on a day-to-day basis and at the local level. Furthermore, the social media “broadcasting” of criminal trials has added an extra level of transparency to criminal proceedings.

Dr. Bhupinder Singh Virk said that social media has been accused of posing risks for many users, particularly young people. Social media has been used to facilitate “new” crimes such as revenge porn, prompting calls for harsher punishment. Also, the ability for criminals to use social media platforms to track potential victims 

Principal, Aryans College of Law, Dr Hansraj Arora said that previously, it’s been thought that people form their opinions about crime from what they see or read in the media. But with social media taking over as our preferred news source the understandings of the crimes have been changed now.  People follow and accept the trends of social media without even knowing the actual facts.

Vice Principal, Aryans College of Law, Sh. SP Verma speaking about the future said that social media will continue to provide challenges and opportunities for criminal justice officials, as well as change the way the public perceives and engages with issues of crime and victimization. Capitalization on its benefits, and preventing or minimizing its negative effects in relation to crime and the criminal justice system is required.

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A Seminar on Management Conflicts & workplace Stress organizes by Aryans Group

Aryans Business School (ABS), Rajpura, Near Chandigarh today organized a seminar on Management Conflicts, Stress and Negative options in workplace. Dr. Diksha Kakkar, Assistant Professor, SD College, Chandigarh and Mrs Sukhaman Bath, Interpersonal skills and conflict manager were the Guest Speakers on the occasion. Students of MBA, BBA, BCA, PGDM etc attended the seminar.

The session was organized to give an overview on the reasons of conflicts, Stress & its consequences, Role of Human Resources & Employees, Conflict Management Training, Developing Strong Employee Relations, Strategies to resolve workplace conflict etc. 

Dr. Diksha Kakkar while speaking said that Conflict can occur in any organization when employees with different backgrounds and priorities work together which can be expressed as insults, noncooperation, bullying and anger. It can lead to work disruptions, decreased productivity, project failure, absenteeism, turnover and termination. 

Dr. Kakkar further emphasized the role of employers on effective management of workplace conflict by creating an organizational culture designed to preclude conflict as much as possible and by dealing promptly and equitably with conflict that employees cannot resolve among themselves.

Ms Sukhaman Bath covered various aspects of Stress, categories of work stress including Task Demands,Role Demands, Interpersonal Demands, Physical Demands, its causes, Consequences of Workplace Stress Psychological Disorders, Medical Illnesses, Behavioral Problems etc. she further told about various measures to control and prevent organizational stress.

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Guru Randhawa & 30 more artists performed in Aryans supported Gaana Crossblade

2 days Biggest Punjabi musical festival – Gaana Crossblade was organized by EYP Creations and Speed Records with the support of Aryans Group of Colleges, Rajpura, Near Chandigarh as the education partner at JLPL, Mohali. 

More than 30 renowned artists including Guru Randhawa, Kulwinder Billa, Babbal Rai, Prabh Gill, Millind Gaba, Raftaar, Ikka, The Landers, Desi Crew, Kamal Kahlon, Armaan Bedil, Inder Chahal, Nirmaan, Gold Boy, Aatish, Sara Gurpal, Gurnazar Chattha and many more performed live in this 2 day big event.

Dr. Anshu Kataria, Chairman, Aryans Group congratulated team Gaana Crossblade on the successful completion of 2 days musical concert

Over 10,000 people from all over North India participated in various fun games, activities followed by musical evenings. Aryans also honoured the artists on 2 days of the festival.

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Seminar on Green Sustainable Resources organizes by Civil Dept at Aryans Group

The Civil Engineering Department of Aryans College of Engineering (ACE), Rajpura today organized a seminar on “Green Sustainable Resources” at its Campus. Dr. Baldev Setia, Professor, NIT, Kurukshetra; Dr. Geeta Arora, Associate Professor, PEC, Chandigarh; Er Himmi Gupta, Associate Professor, NITTTR, Chandigarh were the Guest Speakers on the occasion. The seminar was attended by the Students of civil engineering and Agriculture Dept. Dr. Sushil Kumar, Director, ACE presided over the seminar.

The speakers covered various aspects of Green Sustainable Resources including the 5 elements of Life, Sustainable Energy, Sustainable Farming, Chemical Farming & its effects, Green Infrastructure, Implementation of Green Construction, Waste Management etc.

Dr. Baldev Setia while interacting with the students discussed the importance of 5 elements of Life, their co-relation with each other and Coexistence to make the best use of Natural resources available to us on Earth. He emphasized the use of readily available Natural resources Like Solar energy in Northern Parts and Wind energy in Southern parts etc.

Dr. Geeta Arora discussed Sustainable Agricultural, production practices which uses farming techniques that protect the environment, public health, communities, and the welfare of animals. She included various methods like Crop Rotation, Cover Crops, Soil Enrichment, Natural Pest Predators etc and the benefits in her speech.

Er. Himmi Gupta discussed various Green sustainable methods available for the Construction. She enlisted the role of green resources readily available starting from the designing of some building its implementation and development of a green building without affecting the environment and human health with better durability. She also discussed certain waste management practices to be followed to reduce waste and pollution.

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