Aryans Business School MBA Studrns Visited Coca Cola

The MBA students of Chandigarh based Aryans Business School (ABS) organized Industrial Visit to COCA COLA Plant, Kandhari Beverages Pvt Ltd, Nabipur; Fatehgarh Sahib. The students visited various sub plants including Water Purification Plant, Mixture Plant, Bottle Manufacture Plant, Bottle Verification Plant and Syrup Plant.

The purpose of the visit was to make students aware of the various practical aspects of manufacturing industry. Mr.Jagmohan Singh, Quality Assistant and Mr. Gursewak Singh, Assistant Manager, interacted with the students and gave an in-depth insight of the various manufacturing concepts.

Dr. Anshu Kataria, Chairman, ABS said that such industrial visits would enhance the practical knowledge about management. The various management concepts being taught in the classrooms get clarified after experiencing them physically in the industry itself. He added that such visits would continue to be there for MBA students so that they can learn the concepts with a better approach. It provides a unique opportunity for students to gain an insight into a working environment related to a subject area.

Media Coordinator