Aryans organizes a seminar on Emotional Engineering & Memory Management

Patiala 16th October


Professor E.V. Swaminathan a renowned Trainer, Teacher, Counsellor, Consultant from Mount Abu has visited Aryans College of Engineering, Patiala and interacted with engineering students on Emotional Engineering and Memory Management.memory


E.V. Swaminathan while explaining the concept of emotional engineering said that Emotional Engineering is a challenging and fascinating research topic attracting many researchers from various disciplines, including Engineering, Design, Neuroscience, Perception and Cognition, and others.


Swaminathan further said that the primary purpose of the Emotional Engineering is to gather a community of researchers and practitioners from different disciplines and sectors interested in exchanging and discussing ideas and issues about the emerging role of emotions in the engineering disciplines so as to share a roadmap for further researches and investigations in this new interdisciplinary field.


He further said that Engineering is often thought to be very rational. But when we look way back into history, human beings made tools without the benefit of too much knowledge and experience. Instead, they were driven by their desire to explore new worlds by developing new tools.


Swaminathan further taught students on Memory Management and gave tips to sharpen the memories including Meditation for concentration and focus to get good grades, Practice yoga every day and it will keeps boredom away, Meditation for concentration, Make Sudarshan Kriya your daily homework and other homework will become more fun, Eat healthy to avoid a restless mindSleep well; You won’t fall asleep in the class etc.


Media Coordinator