Aryans Nursing students visits Institute for the Blind

Chandigarh 1 January

In order to inculcate the value of education and to sensitize the students towards Social Responsibility, Aryans Institute of Nursing, Near Chandigarh recently organized a trip to Institute for the Blind, Sector-26, Chandigarh. The students spent the entire day with the special children and their educators. The place for visit was chosen according to the specializations of the courses of the students. The group was led by Principal, Aryans Institute of Nursing, Ms. Jagjit Kaur.

The visit was organized to understand the educational culture, to develop the attitude within the students for mankind and to motivate teachers that enable them to explore self directed activities. They had a heartening experience on seeing the visually disabled braving all odds with tremendous courage and grit. The students enlivened the environment by singing patriotic songs along with the students of blind Institute.

Ms. Jagjit Kaur said that with little encouraging, these kids, being smart and sensitive can surpass any other kid when it comes to compete with the world, challenge them and grow up to be responsible, honorable citizens that the world can be proud of.

She further added that such kind of visits help to develop the psychological behavior of the students and develop love and special humiliation towards the society. After the visit, the students realized that it was not the sympathy that was required but motivation and helping hands which made them feel one among all.

Media Coordinator