Aryans JK Students gets honoured in National seminar

Srinagar 25th October


A National level seminar on Civil Engineering on the topic “Changing Paradigm in Civil Engineering: Challenges & Opportunities” was held today at Aryans Group of Colleges, Chandigarh.


Governor Tripura, Sh. Tathagata Roy was the Chief Guest on the occasion; Director, NITTTR, Dr. M.P. Poonia and Vice Chancellor, MRS-PTU, Bathinda, Prof. (Dr.) MPS Ishar was the Guest of Honour while Dr. Anshu Kataria, Chairman, Aryans Group presided over the function. The function was attended by Professionals, academicians and people from different walks of life.


To attend the function, Governor Tripura has travelled from Agartala to Delhi but due to ill health he further couldn’t travel from Delhi to Chandigarh. He interacted with Aryans students through video conferencing and extended his good wishes to the students and enlightened the students on the role of Civil Engineering in the development of the Nation and said that it’s the art of harnessing the great forces of nature for the mankind.


Dr. M.P. Poonia while sharing his views said that Civil engineering being the oldest branch plays a significant role in developing the infrastructure of villages and cities of India. The dream of building a modern India can be actualized with a team of Civil Engineers who really know their job and utilize their skill to bring modernity to a country on the whole. And these dreams of a country can be fulfilled by the academics only who prepare skilled civil Engineers.


Prof. (Dr.) MPS Ishar appreciated the fact that the trend of Civil engineering has gone up among the students of India in last 2-3 years as and is expected to go up even further as India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and the Government has plans to spend billions of dollars on infrastructural development, be it highways, airports, ports and power plants.


Dr. Anshu Kataria, Chairman, Aryans Group while speaking on the occasion said that Civil engineering requires a lot of infrastructure in the form of laboratories equipments and experienced faculty. He added that the interest and further innovations of Aryans JK students in Civil engineering has done wonders in last 8-9 years.


S.Har Amrit Singh Sandhu, Faculty, Civil Engineering, PEC University, Chandigarh while sharing his views said that the civil engineering profession recognizes the reality of limited natural resources, the desire for sustainable   practices & the need for social equity in the consumption of resources. Engineers with their skills make the things simpler by implementing cost-effective, eco-friendly, energy intensive and innovative technology.


Dr. Sachin, Ms. Rajdeep Kaur , Mr. Gurmeet Singh, Mr. Saurav,  Ms Sulekha, Mr. Rayees Ahmad etc also presented their papers on various aspects including the critical roles of   civil  engineering  in addressing  the  large-scale challenges faced by the society including access  to affordable health care;  tackling  the  coupled  issues  of  energy,  transportation and  climate   change;  providing more  equitable access  to  information  for  our populations;  clean drinking water; natural  and man-made  disaster  mitigation, environmental protection and natural  resource  management etc.


Dr. Parveen Kataria, Director General; Dr. Manjula Kataria, Principal, Aryans Group; Prof. B.S Sidhu, Registrar; Prof. A.P. Jain, Director; Ms Sukhaman Bath, Coordinator etc were also present on the occasion.


Media Coordinator