Aryans Group organizes Workshop on “Employability Skills through Life Skill Approaches”

Mohali 20th March

A two days workshop on “Employability Skills through Life Skill Approaches” today concluded at Aryans Group of Colleges, Chandigarh. A number of Aryans students from different states of India attended this workshop. The workshop was organized by Rajiv Gandhi National Institute for Youth Development (RGNIYD), Regional Center, Chandigarh.

Aryans Group organizes Workshop on Employability Skills through Life Skill ApproachesThe workshop aimed to impart Leadership and Team building qualities in the Youth as the unemployment rate amongst the educated youth is reportedly increasing with the increase in their education level. Today there has been growing recognition of the important role which young people play in Nation building.

Young people continue to represent the hope of their societies. The goal of this workshop is to produce a cadre of Trainers to instill in Youth the Employability Skills through Life Skills approaches.

Mr. Vishav Thakur, Program Coordinator RGNIYD, guided participants through various indoor exercises, presentations, and team building games to gain more confidence in their skills and strengths and to overcome barriers to employment. These activities lead to help youth to develop a broad range of skills and knowledge in order to participate in the current and future labor market.

The main focus of this workshop is to increase the level of awareness and understanding of context, culture, identity and diversity while dealing with the issues of unemployment.

The participants enjoyed learning through these activities as how to develop own self through life skills to gain knowledge of Time Management, Decision Making, Responsibility Handling, Interview Preparations etc.

On the opening address Prof. B.S. Sidhu, Registrar, Aryans emphasized the need of organizing such Workshops and Seminars as an additional Institutional Social Responsibility to prepare the Youth for a gainful Employment apart from the regular Academics.

Mr. Sanjeev Bhardwaj, Director Corporate Relations thanked Mr. Stanzin Dawa, Regional Director and the Team from Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development, Chandigarh and assured to carry forward the process of Youth Development for the times to come at Aryans. The participants were also distributed Certificates and appreciations on successful completion of Workshop.

Media Coordinator