Aryans Group organizes a workshop on Art of Living at its Campus

Mohali 29th October

Aryans Group of Colleges (AGC), Chandigarh organized a two days workshop on Art of Living- A Stress Reliever” at its Campus.

More than 100 participants participated in various breathing exercises followed by meditation session under the guidance of art of living teacher Mr. Varun Upadhyay from Chandigarh. He throws light on spiritual aspects in Humans life and the role of Meditation in developments of human beings to overcome from stress and anxiety.

Varun further guided about various procedures of Art of Living including ultimately relieves stress, talking to each other to let go off everyday fatigue and a lot more. Various Asanas and other exercises were also performed in 2 days to get rid of various day to day stresses

Ms Sukhaman Bath, Registrar, Aryans Group said that this workshop is devised with a view to strengthening the faculty physically & mentally by involving them in daily activities such as yoga, stress management, meditation & the art of living. She further added that these workshops equip the participants with skills, and techniques that enhance the quality of their lives.

Media Coordinator