Aryans College of Engineering organizes a seminar on Nano Technology

Mohali 7th February

Aryans College of Engineering, Chandigarh organized an interactive session on Nano Science and Nano Technology and discussed on various aspects of Advances in Manufacturing Technology. Dr. Vijay Arora, Registrar, PIT Khunimajra, Mohali was the key note speaker on the occasion. Dr. Anshu Kataria, Chairman, Aryans Group of Colleges presided over the seminar.

Aryans College of Engineering organizes a seminar on Nano TechnologyDr. Vijay Arora while sharing his views made the students understand the concept, principle, theory and objectives behind the emergence of Nano Technology in the field of science and technology. He explained the effects of nanotechnology on all materials such as ceramics, polymers, metals, biomaterials and its effects on our approach to IT and communications technology, manufacturing as well as electronics.

Arora further enlightened the students and staff with a thought provoking talk on “Nanoelectronics – From concept to reality,” which encompassed basics of nano-dimensional structures having quantum confinement & their devices with some applications.He highlighted the applications of nanotechnology in areas like Cancer Gene Therapy, Biotechnology & Molecular Pathways Involving Drug Resistance.

Arora added that MEMS-Micro- electronic mechanical system is nowadays more prevalent and students have to deal with Mechatronics. He explained about Robotic Technology using- sensors, electronic controllers, and actuators and related it with human body which also has sensory organs, brain as controller and hands, legs as actuators.

Dr. Gauba, Principal, Aryans Group of Colleges, giving a vote of thanks praised Dr. Vijay Arora for the invaluable information given to students. He thanked Dr. Vijay Arora for sparing valuable time from his busy schedule for this initiative. He further thanked the faculty members and other staff of organization for the smooth conduct of the seminar.

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