Aryans College of Engineering students visits L&T Power Plant in Rajpura

Mohali 19th November

Electrical & Electronics Engineering department of Aryans College of Engineering (ACE), Rajpura organized an industrial visit at Nabha Power Plant(L&T power Development), Nalash Village, Rajpura. Students of B.Tech EE, EEE 3rd, 5th, 7th sem & Poly EE 3rd sem visited the site.

The visit was organized to enhance the practical knowledge of the students, to bring awareness of working in thermal plant, to know working role of a person in industry etc.

During the visit the technical staff of NPL gave brief knowledge to students about the working and various sections of Thermal Power Plant including: Capacity, Coal Storage, Coal Handling, Boiler, Super heater. Turbine, Generator, Condensers, Cooling tower, Ash storage, Ash handling, Reheat cycle etc.

He further said that the plant has the total capacity of 1400 MW. He told about the crushing of the coal, then it is transferred to the boiler for combustion to generate steam. This super heated steam is generated on turbines. In turbine the kinetic energy of steam is converted into mechanical energy. This mechanical energy is used to move the turbine.

Generator is then used to convert mechanical energy of turbine into electrical energy. The output voltage of generator is 20KV. This 20 KV voltage is transmitted to transformer for step up the voltage into 400 KV for transmission. Condensers convert the exhaust steam to water which is then cooled. Ash of coalused for making bricks and in roads etc. in RO system the water of the cooling tower is purified recycled.

Students thanked the staff and technical team for the practical knowledge. The visit encouraged the students to think their future career in the engineering section of thermal power technology as a thermal engineering professional.

Media coordinator