Aryans College of Engineering celebrates Engineer’s Day

Mohali 15th September

Aryans College of Engineering, Chandigarh today celebrated Engineer’s Day at its campus. A seminar on “Basics of Telecommunication” was organized in which Professor of Electronics & Communication from Thapar University, Dr. Rajesh Khanna was the Chief Guest & Key Note speaker.

aryans-college-of-engineering-celebrates-engineers-dayDr. Rajesh Khanna covered all the aspects of communication system including Transmitter, transmission channel, Receiver, coding, decoding, modulation, demodulation, Radio communication, Cables, One way and Two Way communication etc.

The students and staff of Aryans organized various programmes to discuss the importance and works of the engineers in today’s era. Paper presentation, word hunt and quiz were also organized on the occasion.

Prof. B.S. Sidhu, Registrar, Aryans Group addressed the participants, including the faculty members and the students and urged them to open a new chapter in the life of engineers with creativity.

Sidhu further spoke on advancements of engineering. He spoke about the theme of Engineers Day, showing concerns of engineers for the safety of mankind against disasters, both natural and manmade.

Sidhu further said that engineers operate at the interface between science and society. He further said that students involved in Engineers Day will be inspired by the ever-growing field of engineering.

It is to be mentioned that to identify the great works done by our hard working engineers, each year 15th September is celebrated as Engineers’ Day marking the birth day of Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya.

Media Coordinator